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What I do - Leader Development

Leadership development begins with you.

Align your talents and passions with a need in the world and the leadership dance begins.

Authentic leaders grow in both capability and character. They reach to be more than just a high-performance leader. They want to live a high-performance life.

You are more than your job. You also have a family - a personal life - a community you live in - and a spiritual life. Wisdom instructs us that leader development is about whole-life development.

Authentic Leadership, Inc. offers relationship and process to help you and your team reach competence, capability, and character.

Leader development options include:

— Personal Leadership Coaching
         Experience a Personal Leadership SUMMIT (more)

— Leadership Development For Your Staff and Volunteers
         Some Options:
         • The Formation of A Leader (more)
         • Leadership of the HEART (more)
         • Building a High Performance Team (more)
         • Becoming a High Performance Organization (more)
         • PAUSE - the wisdom of listening to your life and work (more)

— Customized Leadership Development
         We begin with you, your vision, your goals, and (more)

— Conflict Mediation
         When things get upside down with the team (more)

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Outstanding leaders never started out to become leaders.
They began expressing themselves in their work and,
along the way, they became leaders.

Warren Bennis

What I say - Speaking

Dan is known for his engaging personality, profound insights, authentic faith, and captivating story telling. Speaking engagements with Dan are often described as transformational and life-changing.

Dan speaks at events ranging from conferences, colleges, companies, retreats, churches, staff meetings, and special events.

Some of Dan’s most popular topics include:

  • UPSIDE-DOWN LEADERSHIP - Givers, Takers, and Matchers…Who Wins?

  • THE POWER OF ‘BOTH-AND’ - Two Life-Long Works of Leadership

  • IDENTITY - Becoming The Leader You Want To Be

  • LEGACY - Leaving The Right Mark In Life

  • BEST YEAR YET - Lessons on Living Large

  • AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP - Making It More Than Just A Cool Phrase


  • WHY LEADERS DON’T FINISH - What Sinks and Sidetracks Leaders

  • HOW LEADERS FORM - The Six Phases of Leadership Development

  • FINDING YOUR WAY TO RENEWAL - Strategies To Stay Passionate

  • UNSTUCK - Going further than you ever thought

Dan’s speaking fees are what he would describe as “normal.” So simply reach out and email him through the form below if interested in having him speak.


Leadership is not simply something that we do. It comes from somewhere
inside us. Leadership is a process, an intimate expression
of who we are. It in our being in action.

Kevin Cashman - LEADERSHIP From the Inside Out

Next Generation

Authentic Leadership, Inc. believes the well-being of the next generation is fundamental to our future.

World class athletes invest long hours dissecting opposing teams to increase their chances of winning and brilliant executives spend weeks investigating potential mergers to raise the probabilities of success in a future venture. Shouldn’t we invest the needed time and energy to help the next generation discover who they are so they can win in life? This is just plain smart.

Authentic Leadership, Inc. offers world-class resources and workshops that train caring adults — whether parent, foster parent, teacher, coach, or youth worker — to assist students in the daunting task of finding their way into the future.


KidUnique: Helping Kids Discover Who They Are (more)

FINDING YOUR WAY: Discovering The Truth About You (more)


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Dan Webster is a life long student, practitioner and pioneer in the area of leadership and life development. He has worked with numerous senior leaders across multiple sectors in the for-profit, non-profit, para-church, educational and church worlds. Dan has been a visiting professor in numerous graduate schools on both the masters and PhD level. Recently, he has been a distinguished visiting scholar in the Values-Driven Leadership PhD/D.B.A. program at Benedictine University outside Chicago.

In 1995, he founded Authentic Leadership, Inc. Since then he has devoted his life to speaking, writing, and mentoring leaders young and old in the marketplace, para-church, and the church. He has written numerous books. His latest, Finding Your Way To Renewal, empowers leaders to navigate the challenging path to personal and leadership maturity.

As a communicator, Dan has presented on numerous occasions at conferences and events in South America, Europe, Canada, and all across the United States. His audiences enjoy his honesty, authenticity, and sense of humor. His messages hit the head, and the heart, with practical steps that move the listener toward the life they are meant to live.

Dan and his wife Judy live in Holland, MI. They have three grown sons who live all across the country, Luke, Landan (and his wife, Tiffany), and Logan (and his wife, Mishel).


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